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Make Your Website Work: 10 Ways to Turn Visitors into Buyers

Make your website work! Driving traffic to your landing page is only half the battle. The effectiveness of your website directly impacts the profitability of your business. This webinar will explore the common website design pitfalls and techniques to avoid them. It will also show how leading companies have used free Google analytics and testing tools to dramatically improve conversion performance.

Időpont: 2009. november 18., 16:00-17:00

Make Your Website Work: A Manager's Perspective

Is the web an important channel for your business? If so, this Webinar gives you a step-by-step process to boost your site's performance, profitability and AdWords ROI. It will also cover the necessary skills and tools to effectively implement the process. Aimed at business owners and marketing managers, the webinar will be presented by a Google Conversion Professional.

Időpont: 2009. november 25., 16:00-17:00

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